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Inspirations is an early intervention program that is contracted with the New Mexico Department of Health Family Infant Toddler Program to independently provide an array of early intervention services. The Family Infant Toddler Program is part of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act Part C services for children of ages birth to three years. Inspirations’ services are governed by New Mexico’s Service Definitions and Standards for Part C services. Services are funded through New Mexico Medicaid, New Mexico State General Funds and private insurance revenues. No child is denied services for inability to pay.
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Assistive Technology
Family Education
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Service Coordination
Social Work
Special Instruction
Speech Therapy
In addition to these services, we collaborate with community providers to access health services, nutrition services, transportation, parent support groups, audiology, adaptive equipment, dental, and vision and hearing services. All services are provided in natural environments including the home, day care and community locations which children frequent.


  1. Identify children early who may need some help achieving developmental milestones.
  2. Provide early support to families when the child’s brain is in rapid growth to make progress during critical periods of development.
  3. Teach families how to advocate for their children.
  4. Provide expert care through specialized therapists, nurses, and developmental specialists.
  5. Provide services in natural environments and in everyday routines in which it is most likely for a child to continue to practice new skills.
  6. Referrals are received directly from community primary care providers, hospital newborn intensive care units, Early Head Starts, day care providers, school child find programs, other rehabilitation providers, and the statewide referral information line. Parents sign a freedom of choice form to indicate their choice of provider.
  7. A service coordinator is assigned at intake to arrange for consents and a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Evaluation. Eligibility is established after evaluation, according to New Mexico Standards, and, if eligible, the family is offered an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).


  1. A delay of 25% or more in one or more areas of development.
  2. An established medical condition which most likely will lead to developmental delays or disabilities.
  3. Medical risk factors which probably will lead to developmental delays.
  4. Environmental risk factors which probably will lead to developmental delays.


The IFSP is developed with the evaluation team, the service coordinator, and the family, with outcomes according to the family’s priorities. Outcomes are family-centered to address daily routines and activities. Supports and services are then provided according to the team’s decisions written into the IFSP. Supports and services may include vision services, hearing services, special instruction, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, nursing, family education and counseling, nutrition and social work. The IFSP is reviewed at least every six months and rewritten annually. The family can request a meeting to make changes at any time. The service coordinator assures that the family is satisfied with progress and services, contacts outside providers for specific needs, and updates the plan as appropriate. Team members communicate through co-treatment, consultation and group planning. Supervision is provided through the Director and Quality Assurance Manager.


Families are assisted with transition to preschool by the time the child turns two years old. A transition plan is written and signed by the family. A transition conference is planned with the family and the local education agency, and with consent current assessments are sent to the local education agency. Eligibility for preschool special education is determined by the local education agency. Early intervention providers participate at the invitation of the parents in developing the individual education plan. If a child is not eligible for public special education, the service coordinator assists the family in accessing other community services, such as Head Start, private preschool, playgroups, and/or private therapy services after the age of three.

If a child progresses to the point at which they no longer need services before the age of three, the service coordinator assists the family in accessing community services as needed. Team members make recommendations for ongoing developmental enhancement activities. If families have future concerns, they are advised that they can contact their service coordinator for re-evaluation or to answer questions. Children can also access the state’s developmental monitoring system if they are not eligible at the time of initial evaluation or after discharge.

Service coordinators follow up with families one month after discharge to determine if there are any further needs. A discharge summary summarizes the progress made while in the program and how to contact the service coordinator if there are any further needs.

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